Bespoke settings

 bespoke= We are asked on many occasions "how do i go about using an exhibition space?". Putting aside the actual imagery, the focus at this stage will usually be on practical questions, such as:-
  • What what type materials should I be using?
  • What is my budget?
  • Transport, how can I / do I transport the items to the event?
  • Will I be able to install these into the space I have been allocated?
  • Do I have time for setup?
  • Do I need help setting up or is it a one person job?
  • What will I do with the exhibition display items when I've finished?
    • Will I need them for another event?
    • Can I use them for another event?
    • How would I dispose of them?
    • Are the items recyclable or eco friendly?

We can help you address these and help with products and strategies that will help you focus on choosing the right solution.

These are our product solutions for exhibitions and events: -

  • Modular free standing items such as popup / hop up systems
  • Simple solutions such roller banners, banner frames & table cloths
  • Low budget items such as pvc banner / backdrops
  • Rigid items such as foam plastic panels
  • Bespoke solutions such as made to measure stretch fabric frames. 

Please contact us via email or call us to talk about your forthcoming requirement we are always very happy to assist.