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PVC Banners especially are extremely difficult to recycle by reprocessing and often simply just end up in landfill. The same goes for roller banners and exhibition stands.

Please consider this, there are other PVC alternatives such as 100% thermoplastic olefin (TPO) which does not contain PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).  In order to recycle this there needs to be provision to direct this material to the right channel (is its available at all in your area). Often the suppliers of this product simply don't know the answer when asked about this. This is not as simple as sending polyester to fabrics recycling channels that already exist and are already effective.

The simple fact of the matter is that the more complex the recycling process the more unlikely it is your local authority will reprocess the material and the greater chance it will go into landfill.......

Polyester, however is firstly more environmental friendly to produce in the first place and also far more eco friendly too reprocess into fabric again.

The great news as all the these products displayed below do not utilise PVC. They are made from either polyester, recycled polyester, recyclable plastics and aluminium, they are not only reprocess-able  but can be easily identified as such, therefore making access to recycling simpler and hopefully more effective for you, which is half the battle.

We are currently migrating to a pre recycled polyester in order that, if we can't provide items which are simply biodegradable we can do or bit using recycled materials and or materials which can be recycled on again to the best of our ability.

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