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Digital Signage

digital signage

Simple Plug and Play Devices or Networked Solutions digital signage - We now offer a very comprehensive range to suite all budget and applications.

Created for Commercial 24/7 Use: Within each product listed below there is comprehensive information about prices, sizes, specification and user manuals. We are also very happy to talk directly about any further information or clarification that you require.

Free Scheduling Software

For more advance use the Android advertising digital signage displays come with a piece of free Scheduling Software for displaying different content at different times of the day as well as setting image display durations and transition effects. For example, a restaurant can create three daily schedules; the breakfast menu in the morning, lunch menu in the afternoon and the dinner menu in the evening. If you prefer to keep it simple you can update the screen directly and simply via the plug and play software or you can opt for the wifi enabled and LAN networking versions.

Download Full Product Catalogue - mpdigitalsignage2017.pdf 6.6mb

Plug and Play - Keep It Simple

Our core ranges of Standalone Android Displays do not require any external devices, like a PC or DVD player, as they have an integrated media player which is updated by a simple plug and play method. Updating them couldn't be easier; simply copy your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert it into the display which will copy the files into its internal memory and then play them in a continuous loop. Free scheduling software is included to help you manage your content as well as a free landscape wall mount.